My Step-Dad, Dad, and I walking down the aisle; they are wearing their boutonnieres!
(Photo by Hart + Sol Photo)

Lovelies, I have a special story for you today. When Eric and I were wedding planning, I had the tendency to enter a lot of wedding giveaways (remember, I won my veil!?). One late night I entered a giveaway for boutonnieres from A Simple Start on Bow Ties & Bliss; I hadn't even thought of doing boutonnieres at the wedding! I told Eric that if we won, we would obviously use them, but if we didn't win, that was okay, and we wouldn't worry about them. Well, low and behold, we won! We got to pick out whichever boutonniere we wanted from the adorable shop. Well, of course we couldn't decide and asked Jenni, the owner, if we could with her help, design a custom piece. She was so, so sweet and excited to help! We decided to go with a dogwood flower, because it's the flower of North Carolina, where Eric is originally from. Jenni designed the most gorgeous boutonnieres for us...we were in total awe. We love, love, love them. We still have them hanging around the apartment, just 'cause we love to look at them! Jenni was the sweetest, most helpful, friendly person to work with--and, she loved making our boutonnieres so much that now she sells them in her shop!


  1. What a great story. How great..That you won the giveaway, that the seller was so happy to custom design such a beautiful boutonniere (ok so I learned how to spell a new word today) and that you still have them to remind you of the happy day!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you loved them! They are beautiful... Jenni did a fantastic job :)