We're very excited over here at Lovely because Jenny and I both have ordered the new iPhones...wahoo! We have the 3Gs, and they literally helped us begin Lovely At Your Side (we've been known to blog and shop at the same time), but now we're ready for the upgrade. When we first decided to move to the new phones we both panicked about cases: which one, which company, which kind, which design?! So, when I came across Society6, I fell head over heels for the, literally, thousands of designs you could browse through. This whole week we will be celebrating the iPhone, and to kick it off today, we're honoring the Apple Man himself: Mr. Steve Jobs. Don't you love these iPhone cases with the inspirational Jobs' quotes on them? The two side cases are designed by the awesome designer Chris Piascik, and the middle case by the fantastic designer, Wordboner.

So, share: do you have an iPhone? Are you getting one for the first time? All this week we'll be featuring different cases, designers, and accessories to go with your glorious iPhone!


  1. I'm getting my first, and am not happy with the options I've seen, so I'm excited to see the cases you'll be posting!

  2. I will be getting my first soon and am not thrilled with the options that I have seen either. Looking forward to reading your blog posts this week! :-)