Things I did this weekend:

  • Made one pot of soup from scratch-ish. It was a meatball soup- but here is the recipe of the first soup I ever made, ever this week.
  • Watched two episodes of New Girl. To be honest, it was the third time for each episode. I watched it alone, with Olivia and with Andrey. I love this show. And I cannot stop singing "Who's that girl...who's that girl...It's Jen!" (Andrey pointed out to be how easily I could swap out Jess and Jen).
  • Missed three comedy shows. On Friday I, and the rest of the world, tried to get tickets for Louis CK's show at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Tickets went on sale at 10AM on Friday for that evening. By 10:04 I knew we weren't going. But Andrey and I decided to go to the Comedy Cellar to see Aziz Ansari (among others), we missed the 9:15 because we were eating burgers at West 3rd Common. And we missed the 11 because it sold out. 
  • Pouted four times about the fact that the I am now the third wheel when it comes to Andrey, Pip and I. The dog stole my spot in bed, whined at him when he stopped playing with her and sat on his lap the. entire. weekend. "You just need to accept that the dog is an integral part in our relationship" was Andrey's response, as the dog looked smugly on from his arms. Sure.
  • Ran five kilometers, twice. Considering I had never even run a mile (or maybe even a half mile) without stopping (wanting to die) ever, until a month ago exactly- this is huge. I am so proud of myself. We did 5K on Saturday and Sunday- we try to run at Caumsett when we can, and it is so gorgeous there. 
How was your weekend, lovelies? Do anything new? Interesting? Share, share, share!

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