Lovelies, don't you love sending gifts to people far away? There is something so special about knowing your loved one will be coming home from a long day to see a box waiting for them, isn't there? Sometimes though, I get tired of sending cookies or flowers. I could always send Ice Cream, and now, I can send Cotton Candy, too! What? Yes. Cotton Candy in the mail! Tasty Clouds is a candy company which makes cotton candy in a ton of amazing flavors (such as, pina colada, strawberry-jalapeno, strawberry lemonade, wild watermelon, and a ton more...). And now, for just $18, you can send 4 tubs of cotton candy to your sweet friends and family...they don't have to go to a carnival or fair, they can simply just wait at home for their luscious clouds of sugar. You can also send cotton candy pops ($35 for 12), and you get to pick all the flavors, and ribbon colors! Now, that's what I call a fantastic, original, and sweet gift. So, this weekend, think about someone far away who you miss and, think about their smile when they get cotton candy in the mail. If we learned anything from Steve Jobs, it was to make the most of the time we have on earth--with the people we are on earth with--so go spread some sweet smiles this weekend!

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