Lovelies, yesterday the funniest thing happened: I was in town picking up strings for Eric's upright bass and I got a phone call from Jenny. We were talking, as I was walking, and I sat down on a bench to talk without moving. She asked where I was and I told her--she was a block away! So, we decided to meet at The Loft for a little after school shopping. It's Teacher Appreciation Week at Loft, so I get 25% off full price styles, and all the sale items were an extra 40% off. Sweet deal that we could not pass up. We both ended up snagging black, straight leg pants (funnily enough, we're the same size, but due to my vertical challenge-ness, I'm a petite, and she's normal), I got a pair of adorable blue khakis for school and this sweater on sale:

Normally I wouldn't go for horizontal stripes, but I love the nautical look, and it was so comfy! The one thing I tried on and didn't buy, but wished I had, was these colorful corduroy pants. They were a little too straight legged for my taste, but looking back on them, they are super cute...and paired with boots and a sweater, would be an instant Fall/Winter outfit. What do you think? Should I go back and get a pair?

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