See what I did there? I loved Beyonce's subtle baby bump dress at the VMAs. Recreate her look for Halloween with a versatile and super comfy looking maxi dress (um, hello- 1. Do we all remember how gorgeous Kim Kardashian looked in that striped maxi? I mean it has little to do with this maxi, but I want to look that good in a maxi dress, I think this red number might be my shot! 2. Red, wear it for Summer, Fall and Spring, wear it for Winter in the house with a nice wrap sweater to feel cozy chic.) Throw a red scarf over your shoulder to recreate her one shouldered look, leave it all drape-y to get her Halston Heritage-y look. I am really overusing "-y" in this post[-y]. Anyway, don't forget a pillow under a tight tank to give you a little baby bump and a radiant glowing smile.

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