Some costumes ideas to reflect on for your favorite man.

The Dread Pirate Roberts/Wesley, The Princess Bride. Black pants, black button down and a mask- from a piece of black fabric with eye holes. Easy, peasy.
I want Andrey to be this because I really, really want to be Princess Buttercup. Exhibit A below.

Shirt, $28 | Boots | Pants | Mask, $7.98 | Sword, $20

Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones. I have (always) had a thing for Harrison Ford. I can't help it. Also, it can be made from elements your man already owns: take a stained/raggedy white button down and beat it up a bit. Khakis, a canvas messenger bag. Just buy a hat and a whip. Blamo, costume completed.
Shirt, $68 | Pants, $70 | Fedora, $70 | Whip, $8.99 | Bag, $125

Han Solo, Star Wars. Oh, look who it is surprise there. Jeans/black pants, a white henley and a black vest. Add a flash light to a belt, or maybe a little pocket or something- let him carry a fake gun. Like, as I type this I am letting Andrey pretend a wooden rubber band gun is a real gun.
Vest, $90 | Henley, $46 | Skinny Jeans, $34 | Belt, $30

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