I woke up this morning at 5 AM not feeling so well. I stumbled down stairs and put on some tea, and while I waited for the kettle to whistle I flipped through Metropolitan Museum of Art's Museum Shop catalog. I was shocked at what I found- shocked. Amazing reproduced necklaces for reasonable prices. Hello, I'm wearing a black dress and a necklace based on a Tiffany piece. Hello, I'm accessorizing with a Faberge style necklace for less than $100. HELLO. Hell-Oh! Seriously.  All the necklaces below are under $200, most are under $100. They're great gifts for those you adore...including yourself. 

1. Russian Imperial Magnifier, 2. Parisian Art Nouveau Pendant Necklace , 3. Tiffany Chandelier Magnifier Pendant, 4. Tiffany Filigree Design Jeweled Pendant, 5.  Lady's Locket Pendant Watch, Black, 6. Russian Imperial Swirl Egg Pendant, Olive

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