Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your IT genius friend who enjoys gadgets, tea, traveling and taking the dog for walks" 

These slippers will keep your pals feet warm when the dog needs an immediate and impromptu walk (most dogs call the shots in the house, right?). He'll be happy to tote his tea on the long subway ride to work in the stylish, practical and environmentally friendly glass tea tumbler. (It could even serve to service an uphill tea party, that's what I call a hike). A practical, gadgety friend like this would love the pragmatism of the reusable luggage tag, he loves to travel and he loves to do it efficiently, this tag will have him identifying his luggage immediately. And the utility key will help him in every situation, from opening up beers to quickly popping opening your iPhone to diagnose why it won't turn on. Helpful to your friend, and you- what a great gift.

Bean's Wicked Good Moc Boot II $59; RED CIRCLE TEA TUMBLER, $20; Silver-Plated Engravable Luggage Tag, $12; ThinkGeek :: Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

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