Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your Little Brother Who's In the School Play, On the Football Team, 
and Knows How to Cook a Steak."

He charms them on the field and the stage- he manages to be the cool guy no matter if he's in his baseball uniform or explaining his artist's statement. He grills a steak better than anyone you know, and he's your little brother. Honor his greatest talent (the steak thing, obviously) with the brander, so you all know who made your steak. For his quiet morning tea he'll have the Shakespearean insult mug (which works two fold if he's not a morning person). He can continue playing his beloved football while he write his college applications all the way up to his thesis. And along the way, since this kid is clearly go-go-go, the stress knuckles will keep his blood pressure love (tough guy looking, but in truth they're for a softie stressball brother)

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