Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your goofy father who loves whoopee cushions, can readily quote The Simpsons, and would stand in line for hours to see Willie Nelson play."

For these gifts I tried to take normal, everyday items which dads use and find fun, silly, and goofy versions of them. Take for example, his morning routine: getting dressed and putting on a shirt, with a tie and cufflinks. Why put on a regular, normal tie when he could be a total conversation starter and wear this Bacon Tie from Perpetual Kid (and seriously, isn't that what this dad is anyway? A perpetual kid?) ? The way it's packaged it really looks like bacon! And, at only $18, it's the perfect small gift for dad. Don't forget the cufflinks; these Homer Simpson cufflinks from 1st Choice Cufflinks ($19) would add the slightest amount of silliness and personality to any boring ol' suit.

This AWESOME R2-D2 Projection Clock from Hammacher Schlemmer is the ultimate gift for the silly dad. At only $40, it's a perfect, "I'm still in college, but I want to give my dad a rad gift" present. It makes all of R2's little noises, and finally your dad will feel so cool owning his own Star Wars robot. Every dad needs a cup of coffee in the morn', so why not have him enjoy it in this adorable Shark Attack Mug from Fred Flare ($16)? I guarantee you'll hear him silently saying, "Da-da. Da-da. It's a shark!" These silly gifts would make your goofy dad's daily routine so much brighter!

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