Today's Gift Guide post is inspired by:

"Your Little Sister Who Loves Vintage Clothing, Jellybeans, and Wearing Jean Short-Shorts with Patterned Tights."

I love this adorable Ice Cream Cone Manicure Set; it's a perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. It could easily be thrown into any bag, for any journey. The Rococo Oval Chalkboard is the "big gift" in this set of presents. I love that it has such beautiful detail and it's also so functional!

Our real life little sister, Tess, has a knack for actually wearing the cutest tights with shorts. She's a little fashionista and I could totally see her in her black t-shirts, shorts, and these gorgeous floral tights (with boots, duh). As for the chicken tape dispenser...well, I mean...this is just so cute, how could I pass this up?! Wouldn't the little chicken perk up any desk? Also, Jenny calls everyone cute, "chicken," so this is an homage to that! (Also, Tess was a bird for Halloween--she's our little chick!)

What would you get for your eccentric little sister?

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