Today's gift guide is inspired by: 

"Your Sport Coat Wearing, Jazz-Singing, East-Hampton Bound Grandfather"

You cannot go wrong with getting your stylish grandfather a new tartan scarf- it says both: I care for you and want to keep you warm, and I see you as a style icon. An icon! Do you hear me, an icon. (Anyone who rocks plaid is an icon in my book, same with argyle- hence the socks). He can do the crossword while you all eat the bagels he picked up had delivered off his new matching platter. He might have fought in the war, but he still stays on top of who's serving the best steak-- the Zagats from any of the three cities he frequents, Manhattan, the Hamptons or Jupiter Beach, will make sure he is never without a great wedge salad and prime rib. 
Tartan Scarf, ($78) NY Times Crossword Tray Rectangular 12" x 6", ($17) Men's accessories - socks - Argyle socks - J.Crew, ($15) Zagat 2012 ($10)

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