Hi Lovely Readers! It's Laura from Sweet Life a la Carte here. I love Olivia and Jenny's idea for this year's Gift Guide...shop for someone specific, and keep it affordable. My Gift Guide is for your gal pal who is recently single - and ready to mingle! More specifically, gift guide for "Your single girlfriend who loves sparkles and colorful accessories."

  1. Topshop Long Rhinestone Drop Earrings: These flirty earrings will make your girl feel fancy when she's out on the town. The long length will highlight her collarbones (a body part that almost all girls love to show off!) and add a sparkling halo around her cheekbones. $20.
  2. Essie Nail Polish in Jag-U-Are and Cute as a Button (Available at Target): Nail Polish in red or pink are a must for fingers and toes of a girl on the lookout. $7.
  3. Spa Gift Certificate: What better way to spoil a girl than by pampering her? A facial, massage, or mani-pedi will get her feeling great and looking amazing for a date with a new boy. This is the "big ticket" gift item for this list, though prices will vary depending on your spa.
  4. ban.do heart: This signature ban.do item will add the perfect sparkle to any girl's hair, top, or bag. This heart has both a hair clip and a pin, so it can be worn in the hair or as a brooch. Let her wear her heart on her sleeve! $15.
  5. Fancy, Comfortable Undies: So she feels pretty on the inside and out, of course! These ones from the Victoria's Secret Pink collection are my favorite - super comfy, no panty line, and they come in all kinds of fun colors. 5 for $26.
Thanks, Laura! You can find Laura (our West Coast buddy!) at Sweet Life a la Carte, or her cooking blog at Sweet Life Laur.

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