Lovelies, did you happen to notice the big trend in (stocking stuffers) gifts this year was mustaches? It's like the "Year of the 'stache" or something. I pulled together some of my top mustache-themed gifts from around the Internet. Any of these would make adorable stocking stuffers, gifts, or even wrapping paper for said gifts! Who would you buy a mustache themed gift for?

1. Mustache Cufflinks, $50
2. Mustache Bandages, $4.95
3. Mustache Candy, $4.95
4. Mustache Pencils, $16


  1. I wish I could post a picture comment because I totally bought a mustache ring last night as an impulse buy while at 7-11. I love it!

  2. haha I totally thought #4 were chopsticks at first glance!