Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your Younger Brother Who Lives Abroad, Loves European History, 
and Arrested Development."

So your baby brother jumped US soil, and whenever he calls it's either to scream "STEVE HOLT" or tell you about some fascinating anecdote of British Royalty? Yes, these here are the gifts for him. He is traveling  home and with TSA regulations we need to make sure his dopp kit is in order, it's a big sister's job to make sure he has a nice leather monogrammed dopp kit. The print will make him smile whenever he sees it, which sometimes he might need when he misses home, or is working on his thesis or maybe he drops a glass on his toe. The mug will get him through many late nights of studying, plus maybe he'll learn something. And the bandages are a way of taking care of him even when he's miles and miles and miles away, in style of course.

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