Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your swanky city dad who lives in a modern high rise, spends the weekends at art galleries and brunch with his friends, and would give anything to be a poet Laurette."

Swanky dads love architecture; they love to discuss it, look at it, read about, why not drink out of blueprints, as well? This gorgeous Floor Plan mug from Fishs Eddy ($10.95) is a perfect stocking stuffer for the dad who has a subscription to "Architectural Digest" (or, at least, used to). Now, as for this clock: I know it's a little out of the "smaller gift" price range, but every dad needs a clock, right?! And this Infinity Wooden Wall Clock from Uncommon Goods ($35) is more than a simple clock: it's a piece of art! Don't you think? It's pretty cool, if you ask me. Sleek, stylish, and very modern.

For the "big gift," I went with a real classic: Frank Lloyd Wright cufflinks from The Metropolitan Museum of Art store ($55). It's combining two great loves of your Modern-City-Dad: modern art and architecture and New York City. I love the juxtaposition of the black and white and red, yellow, and blue. Now, it's the holidays, and so we all know City Dad is going to paint the town red...he needs a great bow tie to accompany him to every party this season. I love the Beau-Men's Classic Holiday Collection ties from The Belle and The Beau ($22 each). You can't get more classic and handsome than this Christmas Plaid! (also comes in other dapper colors!)

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