Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your Wise-Cracking Grandma Who Loves to Travel Europe, Drinks Manhattans, and Always Has Red Nails."

So, let's discuss this main gift first. I wasn't sure where to even begin to look for gifts for this type o'grandmother. She's well-read, she's well traveled, sophisticated, and has a perfect smirk. When I came across this Waldorf Astoria Necklace ($85) from the amazing Erica Weiner I knew it was the perfect gift for this red-nail donning grandmama. This necklace is, "a hand-cast reproduction of a cocktail pick from the historic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City." How cool! It surely will bring back many memories for her; maybe you'll get some great stories of her young lady days painting the town red in Manhattan.

Now, because your grandmother is such a world traveler, she may not be with you for the holidays! However, she is going to throw a grand party wherever she is, that's a guarantee. Why not spruce up her party with this jam-packed Holiday Sweets Gift Box from Harry and David? At only $20, it will surely give her and her sassy gal friends something to munch on while they laugh about the older days.

Like I said, this type of grandmother just loves to hop on a plane (and visit you!), so she totally needs this Jonathan Adler Luggage Tag from See Jane Work ($6.00). It's just the right mix of sass and function. I love this holiday card from Someecards ($19.99 for 20 cards); she's not your typical woman, so she needs a great holiday card which will represent that. This sarcastic Santa card will surely make all of her family and friends laugh.

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