Happy Friday, Loves! How was your week? Mine was eh. I was sick! For the second time this month. No fun. However, this weekend is supposed to be beautiful weather, aaaaand, we're seeing Ms. Maddie and Ms. Monica of Hart + Sol Photo! How could life be bad when I get the chance to see my two fave photogs? What are you all doing this weekend? Shopping? Eating something delicious and special? We're busy working on a new format for our gift guides, and we have some very exciting news about a new Lovely contributor in the next few weeks! (PS. Have something you want to contribute to Lovely? We'd love to have you share!) Any brave souls out there running the NYC Marathon? (Jenny ran a 10K, but I told people it was a marathon...oops!)

Autumn Chicks, don't forget...
And don't forget to have a rockin' weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, girls!! I'll have a package in the mail for you...as soon as I find some packing tape haha. Have a great weekend <3