Do you Lovelies remember last year when Olivia and I sent out Valentine's Cards? All you had to do was shoot us an email with your name and address and we'd send you a personalized hand made card. Well, we're excited to put you on our Holiday Card list! We're moving from hand made cards to Jenny Illustrated cards. That's right- I designed them just for you. With you in mind. Our lovely Lovely readers! So, write us an email with your name, and address and we'll send you some Holiday cheer- it's really that easy!
Here's whatcha have to do in 3 simple steps:
1. Send us an email ( with your name and address (we never disclose this info to anyone!)
2. The email must be sent by December 10th, so we can ensure it gets to you by the holidays!

3. Sit back and wait for some holiday cheer!

We can't wait to send you a card, so send us an email and start spreading the holiday love!


  1. I loved getting handmade cards from Lovely Jenny in high school...I think I still have some of them lying around my bedroom.