Lovelies, we are so excited to bring you this year's Holiday Gift Guide! We have two new features to the guide this year: our budget guidelines and who we're making the guides for. To start off, we're keeping our guides somewhat simple this year: one big present (between $50-$100) and three smaller presents ($1-$25) per recipient. So, who is this said recipient? Well, this year we're having some fun with the guides in terms of who we're "shopping for." Instead of simply stating "Gift Guide for Sisters," we're getting more specific, in a fun way! For example, to kick off our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide, today's post is a gift guide for a "made up" specific sister:

"Your Younger Sister who Loves Graphic Design, Making Pancakes, and Leopard Print Anything."

Sound familiar? Well, even though you may not have a sister who loves leopard print, and even though your sister may love cupcakes instead of pancakes, we hope these gift guides inspire you to help you shop for your specific loved ones this year. So, keep checking back for lovely, fun, and hand-picked gifts for your very own Lovelies!

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