Sisters, man, right? Know what I mean. Sisters- sometimes they suggest you apply to work where they work. And then you get the position and they're happy. So they suggest you carpool to work. So you do. And then it turns out, on the first day of substitute teaching- when the kids are already confused because Jenny has Olivia's old last name, she shows up and you're dressed nearly identical.

Sisters, man, right?

Good outfit, right? Apparently, since we both wore it. And if you want to wear it too- check out below. Lucky you, lucky us. Let's all be twinsies.


  1. This is too funny! I love it. Hope your first day went well, Jenny!

  2. Of course my sister and I have NO idea what you are talking about (wink, wink). You just have to embrace that you completely influence each other in life and in the details (sometimes they just happen to be head-to-toe details).

  3. We don't even have the SAME style--but some things are classics, I guess! It's totally a sister thing :)