Ever since Andrey and I took an impromptu trip to the Riverhead Outlets after Olivia's wedding we've been meaning to take a longer, more dedicated trip. After weekends filled with runs and training runs and 10Ks, other weekends with Saturday and Sunday spent on the water from 9-5 (sailing!), Halloween, photo shoots, and various other life things (birthdays, Brooklyn, Andrey hating to leave the dog. ever.) we finally had a weekend with nothing lined up. I was recovering from a cold so it didn't seem like a good idea to go for a chilly run. We decided to dedicate Saturday to the outlet (and Sunday to gutter cleaning, less fun- but cheaper).

It took me longer than I expected to get out there, I don't know why-- I know how far Riverhead is. I think we hit all the lights (we took 25A to 25, I couldn't handle the LIE on Saturday) or something. It's like a mini road trip. We sang, we laughed, we had semi serious conversations about the effect of television on kids. On the way home I almost hit a raccoon and a deer pranced in front of my car on 25A- it was a weird drive. 

We walked the entire outlets, but made sure to hit up our favorite store, Restoration Hardware, first, with lots of energy. Andrey and I have a lot of fun ooh-ing and ah-ing over the furniture and pretending we had bottomless pockets (jokes on them, I didn't even have pockets!).  

Overall, while FUN the trip wasn't super successful. I guess it was more lucrative-- Andrey spent nothing. I bought a stripped dress from Charlotte Russe and a leopard print sheer button down from Old Navy, which is identical to this one my lovely sister picked out for me from BB Dakota. In total I spent $30. Pretty reasonable, don't you think?

Plus, they have carousel horses you can take photos on (not their intended use). Um, hello? How fun is that? Oodles, the answer is: oodles of fun. 

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