Let's end the week on a happy note:
Reasons I feel special today.

1. I painted my nails a glittery gold last night. I used OPI Shatter Gold Glitter (accidentally bought the Shatter!), and though it was "Shatter" I used it alone, as a real polish. I'm an Essie gal, but this stuff is pretty okay. It's very shiny, but it already chipped. Oh well, it's still so fun to have on! Edit: It all came off in the shower! Gr. It was fun while it lasted and I have the Essie Glitter Polish literally in the mail (thanks, Amazon Prime!) as we speak. I'll have to try the Shatter concept sometime and use the OPI for what is really is meant to do!

2. Get this: Jenny and I were chatting about school at Starbucks yesterday. We were at the window counter, and the woman next to us said, "Are you Olivia?" I said I was, and guess what...she said she was a huge fan of Lovely! Terri, (Hi Terri!) is a Lovely Huntington girl through and through, like we are, and we had the best time chatting it up with her! We were so, so honored and flattered that she said how much she loved the blog; if you ever see us, please come say hi! You made our month, Terri, thank you! (So, that officially makes us celebs now, right?) I know what it's like to run into bloggers you read, it can be super intimidating, but it's so worth it to say hello--bloggers are people too! (True story: I've been following Erin Zammett Ruddy's story since she wrote for Glamour, and I knew she was a Long Island Lady as well...I ran into her in the post office, I actually recognized her son first! I felt like such a stalker, but she is so, so sweet and it was so nice to finally meet her!)

So, share, Lovelies: what's making you feel special today?

PS. We want to make you feel special and send you a Holiday Card! (You still have time!)

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  1. Hi Olivia and Jenny,
    Thanks for entertaining this goofy woman yesterday. It was great to meet you both.
    You are as delightful, kind and sweet as I imagined you would be.
    Perhaps big dark glasses and hats should be wardrobe staples from now on.:)
    PS Sorry for chatting your ears off...I'm blaming it all on my excitement in seeing you. LOL