Lovelies, we have a special surprise for you all! A new blogger on Lovely! Wahoo! We are so excited to introduce Ms. Ali; she'll be our go-to-gal-pal for all things relationships, men, women, and living together (and all that entails!). Welcome to the Lovely Ship, Ali--leave her a comment and say hello! She'll be posting every Monday, so if you have any questions, remember to email us and ask!

Hello loyal Lovely readers, I do apologize for interrupting your normally scheduled programming with this interlude.

My name is Ali Plante, born Alexandra Christine Plante. Try as I might, I can rarely convince anyone in my life to actually call me by the name on my birth certificate. Except my mom. True story: my mom says I was named after a fabulous woman she once met (who went by the name of Zandra) working at Town & Country Magazine in the early 80’s. I have the veritable Ralph Lauren of names. Now if I could only be so classy…

Why am I bothering you with facts about my name? I’m here to introduce myself and get you excited about my new weekly column – not bore you to tears. The Lovely sisters Jenny and Olivia graciously took me up on my offer to guest blog on a weekly basis. Lovely is a tremendous wealth of inspiration for me. Liv constantly persuades me in her posts to dust off my sewing machine and Jenny’s costume ideas sometimes make me think she has a hidden video camera in my boudoir. As a huge fan of the blog – and the ladies behind it – I really wanted to add something that wasn’t already a major part of the blog.

I sat and I thought to myself - while watching my boyfriend, Dan (you can see him in the pictures here, he's the one with the beard), make dinner – what do I have to offer the Lovely blog? While I ignored Dan’s ever mounting pile of laundry, I mused aloud “What anyone would want to listen to me on?” When Dan and I were intensely deciding between Pavilion Grey and Lampshade Grey for the color of our bedroom walls I thought: am I really even doing anything that any young woman in the U.S. of A. isn’t also currently experiencing for the first time? Then I realized that in my incredibly shortsighted way, I was staring the perfect blog worthy topic right in the face without realizing it. It was quite literally living, breathing and working beside me.

Co-habitation, my friends! We’ve done it, we want to do it, we worry about making the step and about what we could do to have it all blow up in our faces! I’d like to help you all get through it. There is the easy stuff: where do we live? how do we pay for it? And then there are the more delicate things: how do I tell my parents? who pays for what? I don’t pretend to have any schooling or professional background that makes me more credible than anyone to give advice on this sort of thing, I’m just a girl who lives with a guy who she loves and is making it work. I do have an M.A. in Medieval Studies if it helps though.

Dan and I live in Hoboken, New Jersey. We’ve lived here for nearly two years and in two different apartments already – I’ll leave that explanation to an especially colorful post titled “Never Live in a Building where Three Pitbulls and Four Humans Purport to Live in a One Bedroom Apartment.” I imagine you’re already on the edge of your seat. We have a dog, a lot of records, even more books and a lot of opinions. We like to try our hand at cooking epic dinners but more often than not settle for take out Italian and FX programming on the couch. I work in the tech industry at a start up. Dan is a private investigator. Well not really, but he works for one! Dan is far more accomplished than me as well writing, recording and performing his own original music. It always seems to me that he is collaborating with someone new everyday! I have a hard time keeping track of his musical endeavors.

Like you all, we’re young, stupid, kinda poor and hoping to make our mark on the world. I don’t want to give too much away in my introduction so I hope you’ll continue reading along on our ever enlightening experience moving in with your significant other.

Welcome to Cohabitable.

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