What I am thankful for in the order of how the photos looked good (no particular order).

1. Family, family, family. Supportive, funny, supportive of my funniness. Loving, wonderful family. 

2. Andrey, he makes me laugh, smile and feel loved every day. He pushes me to try harder and happily keeps challenging me even when I tell him to knock it off (remember that wonderful run, Kats?) 

3. Trying new things, my willingness and my drive to get over anxieties and preconceived notions-- to run, sail, teach and possibly fail at new and exciting endeavors. To try, to fail, to live.

4. Pip the pup, aka guggles, aka gizgo, aka booboo. Aka Chickenpants. 

5. Jobs that allow me to dress like this, act like this (ridiculous, who makes that face?) and shop sales on occasion. One job that let's me write and pursue my dream, dream, dream. Another that let's me hang with kids all day, makes me feel useful. For some times getting to spend all day drawing. Like all day- 9 AM to midnight. I am grateful for that.

6. My brothers. Collin and Eric- for ordering the food I like, for laughing with me and for being my buddies.

7. My sisters. For being crazier than me and sometimes saner. For being my partners in crime.

And of course, these dudes and that lady.

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