Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"The Tween Girl who assumes she'll marry Beiber, is obsessed with getting her ears pierced, and wants to name her future dog "Gomez" (after Selena, duh)."

Giving a gift to a "tween" is like finding a needle in a haystack: one second you think you've got it, and then next: you are so wrong. The trend is over, the color you picked out is "gross," and that outfit you bought her? So embarrassing! Oy. What's a lady to do when she needs to pick out a perfect holiday gift for the tween girl in her life? I tried to pick out classic, yet slightly trendy, gifts for the young girls you know...hopefully you can't go too wrong with these picks (and embarrass yourself. Gawd.)

There must be something about being a young girl (or guy, I suppose) which makes them (and at one time, us all) want a tattoo. Well, I don't encourage taking your tween out for a real tattoo, you can at least provide her with an awesome stocking stuffer Body Art Tattoo Stencil Set ($6.99) from Perpetual Kid. Now she can draw tattoos on her and all her giddy friends. (And they wash off, thank you very much!) You pretty much can't go wrong with anything Beiber this year (trust me, I'm a middle school teacher) why not combine two trendy items: bows and Beiber? I love this Justin Beiber Purple and Black Zebra Hair Bow ($6.50) from Vintage Chic Bowtique; it's surely to make her the talk of the classroom, in a good way, of course!

There's not much to say about the Leatherette Moto Jacket ($25) from Forever 21 (Girls) except that every tween needs the ultimate sign of coolness, the (fake) leather jacket. It's a classic! I love this last gift, the Professional Makeup Artist Design Kit from HearthSong ($25) comes with 3D faces she can practice makeup on! Isn't that every tween girl's dream? To become a makeup genius? You'll be the coolest lady in her life if you give her this very "adult" makeup design set.

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