Today's Gift Guide is inspired by:

"Your sweetly-sassy Grandmother who treats her plants like children, cooks chestnut stuffing, and has a secret obsession with Google."

Since she secretly loves Google (and by secretly I mean after you leave her house for your regular dinner visit, she spends all night Googling any thought that comes to mind), I thought it would be fitting to get her a little token gift to say, "I'm proud of you for learning and loving new technology!" If your grandmother is anything like ours, she loves to keep organized with her "to-do" lists. This simple black journal, with the Google logo ($10.60) would be a simple and functional gift, which also feeds into her Google-obsession.

How adorable are these kitchen/garden gloves from Layla Grayce? ($14) I love the little roses and white bow. She would have so much fun gardening (or cooking) in these!

I fell in love with this truly lovely little tea for-one-set. From Victorian Trading Co, this Roses Tea Set would be a perfect present on its own; and, at $20, it's still totally within your budget! Your hard working, cooking, cleaning, gardening, worrying grandmother deserves some down time to drink tea and read the paper. She will feel so decedent drinking tea from this sweet set.

The Big Gift in this set is truly for the grandmother who is super proud of her garden. Also from Victorian Trading Co, this $50 garden stake states, "The greatest pleasure I find is in my garden." It also has a hidden key compartment, so you will always know where the key to her kitchen door is, and you can pay her a surprise visit that way!

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