Lovelies, as we go shopping this holiday season, I wanted you to all be aware of places that you can get awesome gifts and give back to others in need at the same time. It's too easy to not do it! Check out my present picks for Gifts That Give Back!

From The Hunger Site: The Bamboo Linen Sweater ($42.95) is a super soft bamboo fiber wrap sweater which was made and fairly traded in India. This delightful sweater, in either purple or blue, funds 50 cups of food. It would make a great gift for sisters, moms, teachers, or best friends. (The actual Bamboo Linen Wrap Sweater costs $34.95, funds 50 cups of food, as well, and comes in black, cranberry, and teal). If you wanted to go a little cheaper, but still give back, check out these gorgeous Double Trouble Bangle Bracelets (set of two is $10.95) which come in orange or green and fund 25 cups of food. Wouldn't they make a perfect stocking stuffer, or a little gift for a faraway-friend? These bangles are also handmade and fairly traded from India.

From The Breast Cancer Site (every purchase you make help funds a percentage of a woman's mammogram): I love this Organic Super Sash Skirt (aka, a convertible dress) which at only $32 would make a great gift for any woman in your life and funds 1% of a mammogram for a woman in need. It can be made into three different skirt styles, and two different dress styles. It's 96% organic and is handmade in and fairly traded from India. I also adore this stained glass looking Abalone Necklace; at $14.95, it funds 1% of a mammogram, and would make such a gorgeous little gift for your mother or grandmother.

From The Animal Rescue Site: I love this first gift, Distressed Faux Leather Boots ($34.95) for two reasons: one, when you buy these, it funds 28 bowls of food to animals in need, and two, when you buy these: "For every pair sold, we will donate another pair of shoes through Soles4Souls, a nonprofit organization giving shoes to needy people both in the U.S. and abroad!" That's two great reasons to buy these adorable and warm boots for your best gals, nieces, and sisters. I adore the colors of these 100% hand-loomed Alpaca Scarves. At only $15, these would be the ultimate gift to send a friend faraway (scarves are cheap to ship!) and your $15 funds 14 bowls of food for hungry puppies and kittens. These are handmade in and fairly traded from Bolivia.

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