Eric and I in IL on our first Christmas together!

Happy Friday, Lovelies! How was your week? Did you holiday shop this week or are you waiting for this weekend? This weekend Eric and I will definitely be shopping...I still need to find a present for a certain Lovely sister. Yikes. (Perhaps I should just follow my own gift guide?)

Speaking of Gift Guides, check out some of the Lovely Gift Guides you may have missed:
(PS. is there any you'd like to see?)
  • The Tween Girl who assumes she'll marry Beiber, is obsessed with getting her ears pierced, and wants to name her future dog "Gomez" (after Selena, duh).
  • The adorable Little Girl in your life who loves princesses, playing in the mud, and reading Eloise.
  • Your sweetly-sassy Grandmother who treats her plants like children, cooks chestnut stuffing, and has a secret obsession with Google.
  • The sporty Dad who is obsessed with his favorite football team, loves grilling outside year round, and still has a guitar in the living room that he jams out on when everyone is asleep.
  • Your Younger Brother who lives abroad, loves European history,
    and Arrested Development.
  • The Mom who works all week, takes clients while on the elliptical, loves to cook gourmet meals on the weekend (and has a secret crush on Mark Bittman).
And don't forget to read this week's Cohabitable all about gift giving tips!

Oh, and...we have a Giveaway coming up on Monday, so stay tuned!

Have a lovely, warm, and fun weekend!

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