Lovelies, as soon as it becomes December 1st, I break out my holiday playlist on my iPod. Every year the list tends to change a bit, and this year I've been totally and utterly hooked on four specific holiday albums.

Isn't holiday music the best?!
There's nothing better than the truly lovely Ella swingin' her holiday music on her Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas album (my favorite song on this album is her version of Rudolph where she calls him "Rudy.").  I love, love, love Harry Connick Jr's What a Night holiday album; I love his version of the Eagle's "Please Come Home for Christmas," and there's a cute duet with his young daughter, too! I have been in love with Michael Buble's holiday album...and head over heels for his duet with Shania Twain on White Christmas (I literally play this song only, over and over, on my way to work every morning).  And lastly, it wouldn't be Christmas-time without Diana Krall's jazzy holiday album and her gorgeous voice.

What are your favorite holiday albums? 

PS. Here's Laura's favorite holiday music and movies on Sweet Life a la Carte.

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