How cool is this town-type map of Long Island? I love this!

When Eric and I met I told him I lived in a small town. I told him I was raised in a small town, and every time I would go into said town, I'd run into someone I knew. When Eric actually came to visit Huntington, he said, "This is not a small town! This is a city!" I am well aware Huntington is no longer a one-stoplight sort of place, but in my heart, it's totally a "small town"! Let me give you a great example.

The other day I was going for a haircut after school. I drove to the salon, but I was early, so I wandered into the deli next door to see if they had any frozen food (yes, our deli homemakes food and freezes and sells in Swedish meatballs, lasangna, mac-n-cheese, and turkey dinners). Now, I've been going to this deli for the past two decades; Jenny and I used to take dance at a studio right above the deli, so said deli became a waiting place for our parental units. Well, I walked into the deli and took a frozen family style mac-n-cheese from the freezer. As I went to go pay I realized I really didn't want to carry this into the salon with me. So, I asked the boy who works there, who I've said hello to a million times, if I could leave it out with them at the deli, to defrost while I went to get my hair cut. He was happy to help and told me he'd leave my mac-n-cheese behind the counter to defrost so I could make it that night for dinner. Awesome.

So, I'm leaving the deli, thinking, "wow, I love living in a small town where people know me and I can leave my dinner out to defrost while I get my haircut next door." I walk into the salon and low-and-behold who is sitting in my lady's chair? My grandmother! I was thrilled to see her and it confirmed all my suspicions that I did indeed live in a small town.

Although our beloved Huntington has grown in huge ways over the years, it's still my small town, and if anyone asks (ahem, my husband) I'm still a small town girl!

Do you come from a city or a "small town"?


  1. You described our 'small' town perfectly!
    From meeting your neighbors for the first time at the village farmers market and then having their children run up and hug you when they pass by your house the very next week as if they've known you their whole life. To finally getting to meet two sweet and delightful
    'lovely blogger sisters' that you've admired from afar. Then the icing on the cake.... receiving an awesome Holdiay card from Olivia and Jenny which makes our small town even more incredibly real!
    I Hope the Holiday Season brings you and your family much joy, many magical moments and everlasting peace~

  2. Thanks, Terri! Happy Holidays to your fam!