A few weeks ago Andrey and I decided to head into Manhattan on a Saturday. Andrey headed down to the Pop Up Flea while I power shopped Forever21where I picked up this, essentially. Andrey browsed Hodinkee, LL Bean, Hickoree's Hard Goods, Billy Kirk and oh..so many more. While I wandered over I ran into my college friend Eric who told me he was going from the Pop Up Flea to the Warby Parker Pop Up Store, I guess all of us NYU kids think the same.

The Warby Parker pop up was a joint venture with McSweeney's and everything took place in yurts set up in a cement space. Yurts. How hip is that? We had fun trying on glasses, reading through the books and eating free donuts and coffee. FREE. I truly enjoyed that, how adorable.

Free coffee and donuts! 


After the pop ups...and a trip to JCrew, Andrey and I headed downtown near my old place, to Spa 88 for a day of napping, sauna-ing, cold baths and warm jacuzzis. We had a great time at the banya (Russian bath), the food was delicious, the beers were cold and the company was lovely. We left, visited my old apartment and ran up town to dine at Shun Lee West with Father Lovely, Baby Sister Lovely and her friend Jensen. It was a long, fun filled, super hipster-y day.

At my old place.

After the Banya keep your wet hair under a hat and get a warm drink as soon as possible!

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