Happy Monday! I’m actually working from home today, trying valiantly to defeat this cold that I’ve had for, well, two years probably. I kid, but really, I feel like I’ve had one long cold for a few years. It goes into remission and I think I’m free, but it always comes back just when I do not need it around. Which is, like, never.

I have a veritable arsenal of weaponized herb derivative substances to combat the icky cold feelings (shout outs to my crew: Day Quil, rooibos tea & Puffs – I don’t know what I do without yous guys). In keeping with my martial metaphor, today’s post if about defeating the enemy that is your messy, unkempt apartment with a few cheap and lifesaving helpers.

Much like having a good medicine cabinet, upon moving out of your parents home, you should be well stocked with the necessary tools for setting up house. Every woman should have a toolbox. My personal toolbox is much like this fancy red number below.

Since space is limited, the toolbox will be small as well. Here are the most necessary items that you need:

• A hammer: invest in a good one, you will literally find a million and one uses for this baby.
• An adjustable wrench: again, you will not BELIEVE what a wrench can do for you. They rule, literally. If the toolbox kingdom were to crown a king, the wrench would be the undisputed sovereign.
• A pair of pliers: an all purpose utility tool, great for leverage during tricky jobs.
• A Phillips head and a flat head screw driver: if you can, find one like this changeable one below. They often come with different inserts and different sized heads (+ less storage in the toolbox).

• Measuring tap
• Frame hangers
• Assortment of nails and screws
• Wire
• **Bonus** Wireless drill: these are pretty expensive, but if dad/mom/grandma/boyfriend has one that they are willing to lend to you, take them up on it!

When you move into a new place things will need fixin’. Furniture may have become loose in the move, joints may have come undone and wire hangings on picture frames broken. You will need to fix all of these and, I promise you, it’s NOT SCARY. If you have a drill, hanging shades and shelving will be immensely easier than screwing things in by hand.

Hanging framed art up in your place can instantly make the space more homey and give visitors a glimpse into your personality, but guess what!, hanging pictures is annoying. That’s why you want to be prepared with additional wire and framing hooks and hangers for your job. Scout’s motto applies here: Be Prepared. There is literally nothing worse than watching your boyfriend sweat and struggle to hold up a humongous frame just as the realization hits you that you have nothing the attach the frame to the wall. Yeah…forethought has not always been my forte.

What’s great about having your own toolkit it the enormous sense accomplishment when you take a look at your handiwork. You’ll save and time and money if you can do-it-yourself. Also how cool is it to wield a hammer? I am Woman, hear me Roar!*

*Please don’t think you can fix your own plumbing in the elated moment. You can’t. Call a plumber.

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