Happy Monday, Lovelies! How was your weekend? We ended up having a very relaxing weekend, which started off with a lovely treat: our cousin's sweet 16! The theme was stars, and each table was named for a constellation, so cute. How gorgeous does she look in her stunning blue dress? The dress for the party was "black and white," and since it was pretty cold out on Friday, I stopped in at The Loft on my way home from school and (with a 20% off coupon) picked up this comfortable and warm black and eggshell colored striped sweater (also: Dear Loft, have your sizes gotten smaller and smaller? I'm barely 5' tall and the small size looked like a child's sweater on me!) The sweater comes in a variety of striped colors, and I adore the sweet buttons on the shoulder, giving it a 1940s feel. I wore the sweater with black skinny pants (also Loft) and my old black boots. It was simple, but so warm!

How was your weekend...do anything special or fun? Relax? Cook? We'd love to hear!

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