So, it's Thursday night and I need to jump in the shower and change my laundry, but I am watching the Office instead. There was just a commercial on for Up All Night, Megan Mullally is making her debut (does anyone else LOVE how she makes the rounds of NBC shows? 'Cause I do.) And I saw her dress and I said "That's the Ralph Lauren Jersey Sweetheart Neckline dress." And it IS. Which is the same dress I wore to my dear Kseni's wedding this weekend. Let me mention that this dress in all forms is amazing. AMAZING. Not just the sweetheart neckline version, but the Solid Side Ruche Dress too. I picked one up at Marshall's the other day. 

Andrey and I at Ksenia and Bruno's wedding.

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  1. That dress looks amazing on you! Glad you finally found one!!