So I was cuddled up on the couch playing my new favorite game on my iPhone (Unblock Me) and watching reruns on NBC. It was the Parks and Recreation episode where Leslie and Ben come clean about their relationship and there's an ethics trial. Leslie is in the hearing room early in the AM and Ben walks in because he wanted to be waiting for her when she gets to the hearing- he hands her a Lil' Sebastian stuffed animal that he had made for her. He had a stuffed animal made for her because he know she was having a bad day. Guys, I'm tearing up just typing this. Leslie's response is like, a smile, "Oh, Ben this is so nice" and then she thanks him for making her life so great. Then she kicks him out of the hearing room. Does anyone else feel like that's a slight under response?

If Andrey walked in and gave me a custom made stuffed animal of my favorite animal (Pip, obvs.) my reaction would be quite different. It would start with watering eyes, then proceed with a never ending stream of grateful words, overpraising him for being the greatest thing ever created. The poor stuffed dog would be soaked with tears by the time he had a chance to react ("Woah.") I might crawl into his lap, throw my arms around his neck and give him more compliments than any human deserves.

I may be an over reactor (shhh) but can someone agree with me that Leslie Knope seriously under reacted in that moment?

Here I am appreciating Andrey in a totally normal, non-crying way.

Also, turns out they don't make any stuffed animals that look like Pip. All the Yorkies have show cuts and not puppy cuts. So, I guess you'll have to go custom,...friends.

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