Happy Monday lovelies!

Last night while testing a piece of cavatappi for the noodle’s level of al dente-ness, I managed to burn my bottom lip. Not the most graceful of domestic goddesses, but I get it done. We had chicken parm, pasta and garlic bread if you really want to hear about it.

Deterred by my lack of noodle tasting prowess I went back to decorating. And by decorating, I mean I spent a few hours looking at Pinterest. Dan and I have both decided that once the living room is finished, the bedroom will be easier to tackle. So right now, I am all about getting the living room up to speed. Dan helped out BIG TIME this weekend by hanging up several of our pictures on the living room walls. Already the room is looking better than it has since we moved in. Now that I can really see the progress (new furniture, paint, wall hangings) there are just two VERY important aspects missing that can really bring a room to a sense of completedness. (By the way, that was not a word.).

Drapes and rugs, people. Drapes and rugs. Being the daughter of an interior designer these two room adornments were drilled into my head as being extremely necessary. My mother, however, did not mention that both of these items are often costly. Especially rugs. Rugs? I mean, you put your feet on them! In shoes! How could you possible want to spend money on one?! Alas, I did not make up the rules of commerce and so I am destined to pay for something that will be dirtied on a daily basis. Sigh. So back to my post-dinner mishap Pinterest-ing.

Naturally, I found this and immediately fell head over heels.

I went to source and was shocked/horrified/disheartened to discover that the rugs start at £765. After I regained consciousness, I set out looking for a suitable replacement. My criteria is decidedly vague. I want something a little kitsch, a little pop-art, a little cheeky – basically me in rug form.

I found a few contenders in a much more reasonable price range:

(From top right: Union Jack, Jonathan Adler $165 (starting); Koldby, IKEA (2 variants) $199; Trellis, Overstock.com $162; Floral Scroll, Pier 1 Imports $250; St. Andrew's Cross, Rug Traders £50-£238; Fairisle Round, Pier 1 Imports $299; Diamond Damask Target.com $399)

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