Lovelies, do you know what that is? A TV, obviously. But, it's no ordinary television. This television is 2.25 inches high by 3.25 inches wide. That's right, it's a miniature television. It's a TV for a dollhouse...and it really, truly works. Yes, you heard me right: it's a miniature television for your dollhouse living room and it has the ability to show moving pictures. Not just any moving pictures, mind you, but any moving picture you want. Seriously.

Ever since I read this article about dollhouses in the New York Times, I've been searching for miniatures online (you know, for the dollhouse I don't have...), and when I came across this awesome, amazing, out of this world television, I knew I had to share it with you all. This is life changing, friends.

So, how does this miracle of life work? It's actually pretty hooks up to your DVD player (there's a video of it working on the website)! The TV has volume control, as well, so your little dollhouse family won't have to miss a second of Jurassic Park (or, Legally Blonde). Maybe your dollhouse people are into the indie movies? Don't worry, they can still catch 500 Days of Summer or Slumdog Millionaire. Now, all we need is a working miniature popcorn maker for movie nights...


  1. Ah! I actually have a dollhouse -- I know exactly what they will be watching in my lake side country cabin: On Golden Pond.