So, we all know that Valentine's Day is just around the bend. But, sometimes we don't have all the money in the world to spend on our loved one...and that's okay! Because, Valentine's Day is about love, and knowing your significant other, not about proving how much you can spend on them. These 14 gifts are all well under $14, and all of them say something about the person you love. Take for example the Typewriter necklace below: maybe your lady is a blogger or an aspiring writer? This necklace shows that you respect her love for writing, and it doesn't (doesn't even come close to) break the bank. Maybe she's an editor or a teacher? She'd love the Kate Spade pencils or letter holder! Is your gal a crafty chick? She would love the Pillow Kit, or the Latch Hook Kit...maybe she's more into DIY projects? Then she will absolutely love the pink drill bit set or screwdrivers! Is your girl a fashionista? Try the ring or bracelet from Forever 21. My point is, you don't have to go nutty-pants over spending for Valentine's Day! It's not about the gift, it's about the gift of knowing who she is and what she loves about herself, and therefore: what you love about her.

Be Mine Stud Earrings, Forever 21; Typewriter Pendant Necklace, Forever 21
Lacquered Flower Ring, Forever 21; Pressed Filigree Bracelet, Forever 21
Gold Lace Oval Earrings, Patina Stores; Lollia In Love Perfume, Layla Grayce;
29 Piece Pink Drill Bit Set, Charm and Hammer;  Sunshine Rainbow Latch Hook Kit, Perpetual Kid 

Pink Screwdriver Set, Charm and HammerKate Spade Pencils, See Jane Work ;
Vine Letter Holder, See Jane Work;  Sweetheart Shaped Soap, Perpetual Kid

Feltworks Fun Pillow Kit, Sears; Heart Bracelet Set, Forever 21

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  1. Ah! Totally random, but I have that typewriter necklace and I adore it (and get comments on it all the time!) I actually mentioned it in my latest blog post: "My two favorite necklaces are of a caffeine molecule and a typewriter. When I wear the former, people ask, “Oh, are you a scientist?” The latter, and I get, “Are you a writer?” No matter which one of those questions are asked, I always say yes." Too funny!