Something I didn't know before getting the new house was how much money a nice stool, for under the kitchen counter, costs. I thought we'd budget like maybe $50 a stool (we want three of them), but when we started looking around, I couldn't find any I wanted for under $100! (and believe me, my taste isn't that expensive, even the simple wooden ones ran in the $50 range). We loved the Caden Nailhead Barstools at (where else) Pottery Barn, but they were upwards of $200 and more dollars! For a stool?! No thanks. So, I found it pretty hilarious when I was looking around on Teva Living and came across a barstool which looked...pretty much the same as the Pottery Barn one. The dimensions are even very close! The Caden Nailhead Barstool from Pottery Barn (in the medium size) measures 18.5 inches wide, 11.5 deep, and 26 inches high, whereas the Marant Stool made from Reclaimed Elm measures 18 inches wide, 12 deep, and 22 inches high. Very close! I even prefer the Teva Living one because it's made from reclaimed pine from old buildings--love that!

Can you tell any major difference between the two? 
Top: Caden Nailhead Barstool, Pottery Barn
Bottom: Marant Stool, Teva Living

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