Sometimes it pays off to do a little research before delving into the Yuppie-kingdom that is Pottery Barn. Now, if you're someone who just wants Pottery barn, and doesn't matter the price, then go read another post...this one ain't for you. However, if you're someone who wants a gorgeous home and is on a budget...then keep on reading. Now, I know with chairs there's many things to consider: the color, the look, the style, and of course...comfort. Now, I've tried out many cross-backed chairs, and personally, I don't find them quite as comfortable as other styles...which means that if you're going to buy them, and you do like the look of them, why spend a ton of money, when there's equivalents out there? For this Budget Living post, I included an Ikea chair; I've tried out this chair, and it's really not all that comfortable, but it is well made. 

The point you should take away from this post, comfort and style aside, is that it's always a good idea to do a little research, type the style you want into Google, and see what may come up! You never know...a classic style is always just a classic style, and Pottery Barn doesn't have a monopoly on all classic styles, they just know how to style the classic styles in such a way which make them look irresistible to the young and poor couple. Following? Me neither. 

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