Happy (hopefully) day off, lovely readers!

I’m très excited to be sitting in a Starbucks, blogging, while drinking a VENTI caramel macchiato. Really living here people. You know, aside from the fact that I woke up at 6AM to drive out to western NJ to have blood taken. Because, ya know, that’s what days off in the adult world are all about. Proud to let the internet know that I survived the blood-letting like a champ. This is noteworthy because I usually dissolve into an inherent pile of tears when I get blood taken. Totally I only squirmed a little. Small victories, small victories…

Funny story, when I signed in at registration the lady behind the desk asked a few clarifying questions. “What is your birthdate?” “Eleven twelve eighty-five.” “Your last name?” “Plante. P-L-A-N-T-E.” “First name?” “Alexandra.” “Still with Aetna?” “Yup.” You know the standards. When the technician came to steal my blood, he was holding my distilled medical history in his hand. “Wow. San Francisco! I like San Diego personally, but San Francisco is pretty great too. What brings you here?” “What?” “San Francisco, where you live. What are you doing here.” “Uhm, I live in Hoboken, not San Francisco.” “Ohhh…”

Apparently, the hospital had my address as 12 Sutton Street, San Francisco. What? I have never lived there! The creepy thing is that literally all of my information matched this profile – social security number, phone number, D.O.B., family history, etc. The clerk at registration could not understand how the mix up occurred. Bizarre. Maybe somebody somewhere is trying to tell me that I need to move out West. Something to keep me warm on this chilly February morning!

Since today is kinda like a day off, I didn’t write up a proper blog, but I wanted to let you guys know 5 things I’m crushing on hard this week.

1.) This amazing kitchen remodel from Carly Kmyta’s blog. I am in love with her color choices and her unique DIY eye on details. Do yourself a favor and read her about her fantastic make over. Girlfriend seriously has me wanting to do something similar. (Alas, I rent ☹ .)

2.) My mom & dad’s Valentine’s Day present that they gave me yesterday! It’s a dinosaur claw ring! If you likey, I implore you to check out Verameat, this amazing jewelry designer had a ton of kooky and quirky pieces.

3.) Simple, inexpensive & massively adorable, these lace and twine mason jar candle votives are a must! How great would these look in a summer wedding or just on your mantle like blogger Annaboo’s has them in the picture below? Check out her tutorial here.

4.) Om nom nom! How delicious do these roasted grape, goat cheese & honey stuffed sweet potatoes look!? I cannot even comprehend the yumminess. I might just waste away if I don’t try these this weekend. Who’s bring the wine?

5.) Pillow making! You can make this simple (like Liv suggests in this post) or you can add difficulty (like I did with adding piping or trim below). At the end of the day, this is a gratifying activity that can both stir your creative juices and save you some moolah! I highly recommend taking a trip to your local fabric store and making some simple throw pillows this weekend… And let us know how they turn out!

Let me know what your current crushes are in the comments. I love hearing what you all are up to and what you’re getting obsessed with out there!


  1. I'm currently crushing on:
    1. All the Pottery Barn paint colors.
    2. Pillow making, for sure!
    3. Organizing my fabric.
    4. Finding healthy recipes.
    5. Having a dishwasher.

  2. So incredibly jealous of your dishwasher! Also, what are you painting?

  3. We're painting our old living room stuff with new Pottery Barn paint. Trying to do a vintage cottage look! I'll post pics!