I fell in love last week with some signage; a $650 sign from Restoration Hardware to be perfectly honest with you all. That’s what this is all about right? Being honest with each other? You can say it, “Ali, no one needs a $650 mass marketed wall hanging on stops on the D train.” But it is so pretty! And so perfect! And I have a big empty space on one of my living room walls that is just screaming out for this black and white heart(bank)breaker!

See what I’m talking about!

Story time! Now, I know most people aren’t the biggest fans of the D train, but I hold that line dear to my heart. When I was going to graduate school at Fordham up in the Bronx, the D train was how I got back and forth to Manhattan. More importantly it’s how a certain someone was able to get to me! (Spoiler alert: it’s Dan.) He used to joke with me that he must really like me if he was willing to take the 45-minute trek on the D train to come visit me. I was more impressed that he was willing to brave Fordham Road at night! I really felt a sense of nostalgia when I saw this sign in Restoration Hardware – was that really 4 years ago?

Thankfully I have a much more rational boyfriend who, although agreed that the D train sign was sweet, reminded me that $650 is a tad too much. He was quick with a remedy – “Etsy!”

So brilliant, isn’t he? I checked Etsy – which is full of adorable letterpress posters – but most of the prints are small. I want a big ol’ piece of art up there on the wall. This one from Etsy seller Quail Lane Press is really adorable. Dan’s a huge fan of it too!

Definitely a contender -- we love beer. I’m afraid though that it might be a little too skinny for the space I’m thinking about filling. And while the different beers letterpress poster is cute and very tongue-in-cheek, the destination theme was what really caught my eye. Thankfully I only associate with people on my wavelength and my friend and decorator extraordinaire, Rita, had just purchased a similar wall hanging with Parisian train destinations. So cute! I checked out her recommendations and was rewarded with homage to my second favorite city.

Adorbz. Love you London.

Anyone else out there experiencing sticker shock when it come to wall décor? I would love to hear where you’re looking for affordable art (buying from the artist is something I’m interested in too!)

Subway Art Sign, Restoration Hardware, $650

Letterpress, Quail Lane Press, $28

City Wall Banner, Home Decorators, $34


  1. My favorite places to buy directly from artists online are Artfire.com and Society6.com -- and offline, local art fairs and art walks, where you can usually actually meet the artist.

  2. Ah yes, Society6! I completely forgot about that site. Thanks for the reminder, there were a lot of great prints I remember looking at a few months back...