Ouch, reality, m’dears, welcome to Monday. I should not be complaining though, I had a pretty great weekend. Dan and I had a few brainstorming sessions for the future of our place and I’m pretty happy with the direction that we’ll be going. Especially since that direction puts IKEA smack in our path. Yes!

We made some really great progress on this catastrophe. Look forward to an great unveiling next week. I promise you’ll be impressed.

Other than that Dan and I shied away from any housebound projects. On Friday, Dan worked the Thurston Moore show at Maxwell’s. He has some exciting news about music and writing coming up and I’m so excited. I did not attend, opting instead to meet my Jersey City crew for brews, vintage shops and Vietnamese food in downtown J.C. (Guys, at first I wrote ‘downton’ instead of ‘downtown’ Freudian slip?). After meeting up at my friend Addie’s apartment, we stopped to check out Another Man’s Treasure. They were celebrating the opening of a new warehouse space with cupcakes and prosecco. I tried on a few marching band coats. Sorry no pictures! I sadly could not purchase anything. My new spending diet made me unable to justify splurging on any vintage clothes. We ended the night at Bar Majestic on Grove Street. I had never been before and I was really digging the general vibe. Minus the music that upon closer inspection was actually just a dude playing YouTube videos through a computer. Give me a break!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of having a private viewing of a collection of Medieval and Renaissance art in the home of the art dealer. I was in my absolute glory. A close friend of my mother’s run a gallery and she invited me after hearing how much I loved the art of the Middle Ages. Unfortunately no pictures here either. I thought it would be uncouth! You can check out the collection’s focal point here feature in the WSJ. Afterwards, I was on the hunt for an egg cream. One wasn’t too hard to find on the Upper East Side.

On Sunday Dan and I got up for a lazy brunch and some shopping on Washington Street. We did not watch the Super Bowl, opting to catch up on the new J.J. Abrams show on Fox, Alcatraz. So far, we love the show.

After a number of crazy weekends this past one was a very welcome respite. I learned that I do not have to do something apartment related. In fact, the small projects I did this weekend were finished by Sunday and I felt a real sense of accomplishment. Last week was really crazy and I felt like everything I touched fell apart so it was nice to feel in control at my own home.

Get excited for next week readers – it’s time for the big unveiling and return of Dan’s office!

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  1. Can't wait to see Dan's office!

  2. Oh it is something to behold! Super excited!

  3. Looking forward to it - just you mentioning it has inspired me to spruce up Casey's neglected office. Our only clothing closets are in that little room as well but my new goal is to keep them contained and orderly. And maybe some paint and framed prints? Ah the possibilities!