Pattern I Pillow, Anthropologie; Pattern II Pillow, Anthropologie
So, I've been researching accent/throw pillows...I love to see all the different ideas and styles out there! When I came across these vintage dress pattern pillows from Anthropologie, I loved the idea. Wouldn't these be perfect in my sewing room? Duh. However, at nearly $250 a pillow, that was vastly out of my price range for...anything, actually. Especially when you think about the fact that a pillow is simply a pillow form (you can buy a 16 inch pillow form from or Joann's for under $10) and fabric. A 16 inch pillow only needs approximately 1/2 yard of fabric to cover it; a 1/2 yard of fabric can be cheap! (Want to make another size pillow? Follow these yardage guidelines) Dude, you don't even need to sew a pillow cover, you can use fabric glue, or hot glue even! Get my point? With the right materials, you can easily (and cheaply) make pillows which are just as lovely, and save the other $240 dollars for things you need, like you know, food. This is why I got doubly excited when I clicked the "new fabric" link on and saw these Homespun Chic vintage looking fabrics designed by Melody Ross. (Like the look of vintage fabric? We have many more options for you!) Wouldn't these fabrics make the perfect pillow cover? I simply adore them!
Homespun Chic Vintage Ladies White, $8.98/yard
Homespun Chic Vintage Ladies Brown, $8.98/yard
Homespun Chic Sewing Pattern in Pink, $8.98/yard
Homespun Chic Sewing Pattern Blue, $8.98/yard


  1. The owner of Free People / Anthropologie / Urban Outfitters donates money to Rick Santorum. You should stop inadvertently advertising the products that help fund a man trying to take away our Lovely Women's Rights..

  2. Good to know! I'm actually not promoting Anthropologie, per se, I'm telling us Lovely women how to get around paying their crazy high prices...but, that's always good to know, thanks! I will surely keep that in mind and cease any postings about Anthro. Lovely Women for the win!