Clearly, I'm a Russophile. But my love of Russian things began long before Andrey came in my life. Mother and Father Lovely were the heads of the Russian club in high school and even went on a school trip to Russia in 1978. During communism, crazy, right? We always had matroyshka* dolls around the house, big fur hats that had been brought back and lots and lots of family lore (we are of Russian heritage, after all).
I majored in Russian in college. Which introduced me to some wonderful Russkis. It was at one of those Slavic loves parties that another Russki brought a nice Russian guy along. And that is where/when I met Andrey. So, see, the whole Russian major thing is important. And for all those people who said "Russian major, well what're you going to do with that?" My answer is "Meet some really awesome people. Thanks for asking!"
 Our Russian class with signs that say "We Love Irina!" We framed the photo for our professor.
 Ksenia (of Ksenia weds Bruno fame) and my sweet soon-to-be-Doctor Polina
The Ultra generous Tom and me.

This is all a very long way for me to say that I love these matroyshka doll necklaces from Forever21. I love that #3 is hinged, such a silly cute little detail. I love that #2 is wooden! Why hadn't I thought of that!? All those tiny dolls hanging around, separated from their larger sisters, I could have made them necklaces!
1, $5.80; 2, $1.50; 3, $2.80; 4, $1.96

And while we're here, go check out my matroyshka doll prints on Society6!
Matroyshka Doll Print

Piptroyshka Doll Print

Daisyoshka Doll Print

*Matroyshka dolls are sometimes called babushka dolls or Russian nesting dolls.

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