Happy Spring! I know today is a little chillier than the weather that we’ve been experiencing here on the East Coast, but we should not complain! The sun is shining and we’ve gotten off very lightly this winter.

I really love the changing of seasons. There is always a feeling of shedding the old and trying out something new. More so than New Years, I find with the change of seasons comes a renewed sense of “I’ve got to try something new!” This past weekend, Dan and I did a little revamping of the apartment. We bought new bedding at IKEA – I know, I know probably not your first thought for comfy bedding, but we were pleasantly surprised! And there is nothing better than a new pair of clean sheets to really drive the feeling of renewal (inner and outer) home. Additionally, I started the oft clichéd “spring cleaning” of our place. More so than anything else this is comprised of me giving away copious amounts of…stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff a person can accumulate over the course of a year – not to mention 20+ years. I am brainstorming some interesting ideas on what exactly to do with all my purged belongings. Stay tuned, I promise it will be fun!

Besides the closet cleanse, I’ve been deep cleaning the apartment. Why do you always end up creating a bigger mess when you try to clean? I habitually end up with piles of things, bags of garbage and half-finished projects all over our place. I think I’m over zealous when cleaning. I start a million little projects instead of seeing one project from beginning to end. I can’t help it I get bored! When we moved last year, I remember my brother telling me that I should fully unpack one room before moving into another room so I could feel a sense of accomplishment and avoid getting overwhelmed. I think the same philosophy applies to cleaning. I wish I had listened to him then and now.

All joking aside, there is something very therapeutic to cleaning and detoxing your accumulated belongings. I am a huge proponent of making small changes to your place to give you a mood boost. Try changing your wall art around or maybe switching your couch and TV. The simple act of seeing your place in a new way can increase your good vibes.

I also highly, highly recommend getting outdoors as much as possible! Right now the weather is gorgeous. Get rid of all those nasty toxins you built up inside over the winter with a bike ride. Are detoxes your thing? Go for it now! My yoga teacher suggests detoxes with the changing seasons to get your body in the best place physically. Any why not, if it’s good for your apartment it’s good for you too!

What do you do to get out of the post-winter funk?

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