A few years ago I fell in love with the Colorblock Dress from Forever21. It was a whopping $13.50, and it came in both short sleeves, and sleeveless, as well as many colors. I wore it, and pretty much it only (I had probably...15 of them, to be honest) for three summers straight. However, as time happens to go, I grew up a bit, got married, moved, and realized that the short, neon dresses were probably best sent to my 13 year old sister. I was sort of sad. I loved having a summer uniform. I always felt cute and pretty in them, and I could pair them with leggings, cardigans, sandals...I actually even wore one on Eric and my first date. 

I'm a fan of Forever21 for things like all my tank tops (I have a thing about tank tops: I have one in every single color), sports bras, etc. But, the older I got, the harder it was to find "adult" looking items at good ol' F21. However, I bought myself some birthday treats last month and among them was the Essential Fit and Flare dress. It came in black, had 3/4 length sleeves, and was actually a great length for me (shorty). I loved it. Then, last week I saw they came out with a sleeveless version. Hello, summer uniform! On top of all that, they also offer a striped version of the 3/4 length sleeve version. I'm so excited. I wanted to show you all exactly what I got, and why I got it, and in what colors...maybe they can become part of your summer uniform too!

Do you have a "summer uniform?" I'm not a shorts person, so I pretty much live in jersey dresses, white jeans, t-shirts, and yoga pants with tanks. Mmmm...summer...

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