Here's the thing. My birthday is coming up and Eric is begging me to give him one thing I want. I just can't think of anything! With the new house, and my own sewing room...I'm a simple happy camper. So, when I decided that I would perhaps, maybe, sorta want a necklace with my new initials on it, and I maybe perhaps, sorta wanted the Elsa Peretti style of letter from the world famous Tiffany's, I went online (in the middle of the night!) and looked up how much they cost. 

Welp. Each letter was juuuuust about our grocery budget for half a month. More, actually. Each letter (including the 16 inch chain) is $225. Oy! I'd never in a million years ask for that as a gift. So, what's a Lovely girl to do? Go online and search for the style of the pendants. 

Low and behold, what did I see before my almost 27 year old eyes? These Tiffany style pendants from Sticky Jewelry! The "h" pendant rounds up to about $18, while the "o" is on sale at $10!! 

So, I could get both pendants for $28 (otherwise known as $422 less than the Tiffany ones) and...I'm even going to splurge and pick out a silver chain that I love (I tend to like longer chains than 16 inches). 

See Lovelies, where there's a will, there's a way! I mean, seriously...who is going to look at my neck for the Tiffany symbol? Not one person. And, I'll just put that $422 towards fabric, so it's all good, right? Ha. 

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